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With the COVID-19 restrictions lifting, we are planning on resuming our indoor and outdoor meetings, albeit with some restrictions in place.

Our first meeting will be held on 14 September but unfortunately, due to a recent flooding incident at Pangbourne Village Hall. We are having to re-locate to the BCSA (Burghfield Community and Sports Association) building, James Lane, Burghfield, RG30 3RS. (what three words /valid.decide.transmitted)

At this event, please be advised that the building will be well-ventilated (doors and windows open), social distancing will be required (1m+) and we recommend facemasks to be worn throughout the evening.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to serve our normal tea and coffee during the break for group funds, but they will be available to purchase from the venue should you wish.

All being well the re-decoration at Pangbourne Hall will be completed by our October meeting and we can meet again there.

There are still restrictions in place around mini-buses so we have decided to only part-plan our outdoor meeting calendar. So, we've arranged a number of local car trips for the remainder of 2021, in the hope that we can re-start the mini-buses early in 2022.

As I'm sure you'll understand, times are still proving challenging, so please do keep an eye on the website, facebook, and Jeremy's e-newsletter for the latest and most up-to-date information.

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National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) cover a quarter of England. For most of us in the Reading group, the nearest two of England’s 34 AONBs are the Chilterns and North Wessex Downs, and our nearest National Park is the South Downs.

In May 2018 the government asked for an independent review into whether the protections for National Parks and AONBs are still fit for purpose. In particular, what might be done better, what changes will help and whether the definitions and systems in place are still valid. The review’s final report was published on 21 September 2019. It found that they are falling a long way short of their potential and set out what needs to change. Almost 18 months later, the Government has yet to respond.

Two days ago, the RSPB along with the National Trust and Wildlife Trusts wrote a letter urging th

e Government to make 10 important changes to “unlock the potential of England’s protected landscapes for nature, climate and people”. These are changes recommended by the review but the letter’s authors have built on them to show how they could be implemented to bring the greatest benefits. By taking these reforms forward now the Government would be showing strong global leadership ahead of the major international biodiversity and climate conferences later this year.

You can read the letter to Defra Secretary of State George Eustice by going to the following link:


We are attempting to run some 'zoom' indoor meetings - wish us luck.

We now that for many of members, not being able to meet face-to-face at our indoor meetings has been something that you've really missed. As it looks increasingly unlikely that we will be able to meet up any time soon, the committee has decided to 'take-the-plunge' and see if we can run some indoor meetings on a zoom call.

Jeremey has kindly agreed to organise the technical aspects and send out the link to each meeting ably support by Dave who will organise the next few months of speakers.

The real benefit that this provides us with is the ability to have speakers from much further afield than we would normally be able to afford. This will open up a whole new selection of speakers and topics for you to enjoy.

For more information, please contact Jeremy or email: